What to Watch for at the National Restaurant Show 2017

May 3, 2017 Jackie Prange


Those in the restaurant industry call it, “the show of all shows.” The National Restaurant Show is one of the largest annual gatherings of the hospitality industry. It’s a place where chefs, restaurateurs, technology, food packaging, and equipment companies exchange ideas, products and visions in order to advance. It is as much a technology testing zone as it is a creative hub or networking opportunity. Above all, it’s a show that places the future, first.


There are so many great vendors and events, it was hard to distill the must-sees. Here’s what you should definitely look out for at the National Restaurant Show in 2017.



Shop Talks


Impacts of Customer Facing Technology on Restaurant Design

Sunday May 21 - 2- 2:45pm @ Booth 5575

Joe Carbonara discusses customer-facing technology and its impact on restaurants. From online ordering, mobile apps, kiosks and tablets used table-side, he discuss what restaurant operators need to tap into and how they can manage these new technologies.


Robots in Food Service

Sunday May 21 - 3 - 3:45pm @ Booth 5575

You had us at “Robots.” Dr. Deepak Sekar discusses the challenges and possibilities of the second coming of the industrial revolution where robotics are finally reaching prices fit for the masses.


Waste Not, Want Not

Monday, May 22 - 10:00 - 10:45 am @ Booth 2389

Chef Nicole Pederson from Found talks about how she uses food scraps so that restaurants can better control food waste, benefitting both restaurants bottom lines and best of all, the Earth’s.


Key Trends Shaping The Future Of Foodservice

Monday, May 5 - 12-12:45pm @ Booth 5575 

Hudson Riehle, SVP of Research & Knowledge Group and Annika Stensson, Director of Research Communications at the National Restaurant Association discuss how economic, workforce, consumer, technology and food trends are shaping the foodservice industry today and into the tomorrows so we can all make better strategic decisions.


Building an Enduring Restaurant Following

Sunday, May 21, 1-1:30pm @ Booth 5575 

Chicago’s beloved Lou Malnati discusses how they use the power of data to build and sell to their following in a way that turns consumers into brand advocates.


Don’t Miss the Boat

Monday, May 22 - 3:00 - 3:45 pm @ 2389

Chef Jacob Verstegen from London House discusses sustainable seafood, while the audience marinades, slices and seasons an Arctic Char Zuke.


First 100 Days of Trump: What it Means for You

Tue May 23 - 11 - 11:30am @ Booth 7400

How the new administration and its policies are likely to impact you.


Cannabis and Culinary: The New Frontier

Tuesday May 23 - 2 - 2:30pm @ Booth 7400

Call it… “curiosity.” Not your typical garnish, with Cannabis legalization proliferating in many states, this talk will focus on how the happy weed is being used in fine dining, regulations and infusion methods.






Booth 6587

SHAMELESS PLUG! Yeah...it’s us. And we want to see you! Come preview and play around with the latest in our mPOS and self-service kiosk. Bonus: You’ll get exclusive access to our restaurant success resources and cool in-booth giveaways.


Booth 6030
Who knew credit card processing could be so easy? From chip-enabled cards, to mobile wallets, come see how Vantiv is making payments smarter, faster and easier for their partners and the consumers they serve.


Smart Brew

Booth 10310

Customized craft brewing… that’s easy to make in your restaurant? Yep. Your own beer, brewed in 150 square feet, hopped the way you like it, without the mess or the stress.


Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Booth 4648

From sauces, frappe mixes, chocolate chips and cocoa powder, Ghirardelli has been producing chocolate for 150+ years. Here’s hoping they’re giving away free samples!



Booth 6578

Payment innovation! Cayan is on the cutting edge of payment technology and will be showcasing exactly how the future looks with fully integrated, multichannel customer engagement platforms.


The Eli’s Cheesecake Co

Booth 1624

The Eli's Cheesecake Co makes… drumroll please… cheesecakes! Hand made treats in an all butter cookie crust? We’re in.



Booth 5659

Preview their business tools, which include an analytics dashboard, a POS stand, and an online store.



Booth 4048

There’s no vegetable, grain or fruit that can stand against pulverization by a Vitamix. Their latest advancements will be showcased here.


After Hours


Restaurants Rock

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 9 -12pm @ The House of Blues

‘Cause after a long day of tasting, learning, experimenting with the latest tech, you’ve gotta blow off a little steam. The Restaurants Rock party is a kind of party only the restaurant industry would be able to pull off. Prince and The Revolution tribute band, The Purple Experience will be purple raining their hearts out, making doves, not just cry, but dance the night away at The House of Blues.


The Ogden Cocktail Event
Monday, May 22, 2017 - 6- 8PM @ The Ogden

Want to learn about what makes a restaurant succeed? From POS options from Apple, to payment processing best practices from Vantiv, to how co-host, TouchBistro, contributes to the restaurant industry at large, at The Ogden’s after party, you can have it all. Oh, and the free food and drinks are a nice touch as well!


So many exhibitors, workshops, talks and booths, so little time. Whatever you do, make sure you pop by booth 6587 to say hello!



Will we see you there? We sure hope so!

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