What is Wi-Fi Marketing and How it Can Help Your Restaurant

February 28, 2017 Cody Hicks


Think that offering free Wi-Fi for your guests is an unnecessary expense? Think again.


Not only do 96% of customers prefer locations that offer free Wi-Fi, but they also return to those venues more often. Your restaurant’s guest Wi-Fi network allows you to do so much more than simply offer free wireless Internet.


For starters, it’s a really fast way for you to collect emails and build a customer database, in exchange for the free Wi-Fi that you provide – but that’s just the tip of the Wi-Fi marketing iceberg.


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Effortlessly Grow your Contact Lists

Instead of signing into the restaurant Wi-Fi with a password, guests sign-in with their email, phone number, Facebook profile or Twitter handle. The available sign-in methods depend on what kind of contact information the restaurant wants to collect.


Once a customer successfully signs in, they gain access to the free Wi-Fi and your restaurant obtains a method of communicating with them. While the Wi-Fi marketing platform is building your customer database, you can use it to message customers using the contact information they have provided.

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Send Promotions that Get Results

Wi-Fi marketing platforms enable restaurants to send highly contextual messages that aren’t possible with other email marketing systems. Set-and-forget personalized emails and text messages that will keep customers coming back again and again.


Some of the most popular types of automated marketing prompts are:

  • Triggering a message upon entering the restaurant – ideal for encouraging more in-store purchases

  • Triggering a message upon exiting the restaurant – ideal for increasing repeat visits and customer loyalty

  • Triggering a message for at-risk customers (haven’t returned in 30 days) – ideal for customer retention


These types of marketing campaigns are extremely effective because they take the customers’ location data into consideration. This makes the message very relevant to the person receiving it. Other characteristics, such as the number of visits, age and gender info can also be implemented for further targeting.


Location-based messages can be the key to catering to loyal customers and the ace-up-the-sleeve for retaining at-risk customers.

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Measure the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns

One of the most valuable features of a Wi-Fi marketing platform is the ability to track the results of email and SMS marketing campaigns.


The following campaign insights can be viewed from the online dashboard:

  • The amount of emails/SMS sent and the open rate

  • The amount of coupons sent and the open rate

  • The amount of coupons redeemed (redemption rate)


Additionally, the campaigns dashboard provides a complete breakdown of who signed up, when, how, whether they viewed the email, viewed the coupon, and if they redeemed it, when.


This valuable information related to email open rates, coupon views, and redemptions, is typically out of reach for businesses that use traditional couponing tactics.


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When it comes to satisfying your customers, don’t rely on old-school methodologies and couponing tactics. With the help of smart campaign insights, businesses can determine which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t.



Grow Your Online Presence

By utilizing the custom branded splash page, your restaurant can gain more followers, likes, or reviews on social media by redirecting customers to your Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Twitter pages.


Upon signing-in, promote your restaurant’s social media pages or review sites to help increase your social and online presence. Alternatively, you can send connected users to your website to learn more about your business.


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Getting Started

Getting started with Wi-Fi marketing at your restaurant is easier than you may think. With Turnstyle, it’s a simple plug-and-play solution that has you up and running in minutes. Wi-Fi can be a very effective marketing channel, providing a direct, branded communication channel between merchant and customer.



Your business can capitalize on this trend by using a Wi-Fi marketing platform to help you gather analytics, collect contact info and push context sensitive messages to your guests, helping you maintain a loyal customer base and get the most out of your monthly Wi-Fi expense.



Learn more about Turnstyle’s Wi-Fi Marketing Platform


About the Author

Cody Hicks

Cody leads the content marketing strategy, manages the social media accounts and curates online content for Turnstyle Solutions. As head writer and organizer, Cody creates informative articles, guides, and eBooks to help restaurant owners and operators market their businesses.

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