TouchBistro Chef's Table: What’s New in Version 7.3.1

July 14, 2017 Care Fader


Have you ever wondered what goes into a release of TouchBistro? Curious about who is working behind the scenes to make the software even more effective for your restaurant? Puzzled by how or why we chose to work on one feature over another?


You’re not alone. This is feedback we’ve heard before, and while we’ve been working hard on the software, we want to make sure we’re working just as hard to keep you posted on the what, why, and when of our product releases. 


That’s why we’re kicking off this new ‘Chef’s Table’ series of Restaurant Software posts so you can stay up to date on what our tech team is cooking up next. With this, we hope to give you even more insight into the “back of house” at your point of sale company—and have some fun doing it, too.



Sounds cool right? But why now?

Well, we’re about to release our next update: TouchBistro 7.3.1. With this update, we’re adding some new features and fixing some old ones as we work to make TouchBistro the only easy, smart, and complete iPad point of sale for restaurants like yours.



So, how do we decide what goes into every new version?

With every feature we build for TouchBistro, we start by assessing how many of customers like you are affected.


There’s no shortage of ideas and improvements to be made, but choosing which to do can often be challenging. we want to make sure we focus on what will have the biggest impact first. This generally leads us to prioritize bug fixes and gaps wherever possible first. 


Our product team then works closely with our leadership team to choose strategic new opportunities for the product that expand our offerings. These include our many partnerships with great companies like Square and Avero as well as forward-looking new products like our forthcoming… well, we’ll talk about that more in another post.


We then look to our customer advocates and our discussions with prospective customers to decide on which net new features we want to tackle. Again, demand is the primary driver here: the more of you we here from, the clearer the decision becomes around which features to address.


And with our Support, Sales and Customer Success teams being mostly made up of former restaurant servers, bartenders, managers and owners, we get them to test the product during development, so we can take their feedback and ideas into account.


Lastly, we look to you individually. Our Product, Customer Success and Support teams are always canvassing individual customers to gauge where we could improve TouchBistro for the specific needs of certain venues.


Once we gather all that feedback, our Product and Development teams work together to bring the solution to you--helping your restaurant be more successful.


Check out the video below to see what our Product team has to say about our upcoming 7.3.1 release. 






Stay tuned for frequent updates on what we’re working on, and how we can help your restaurant be more successful. 


About the Author

Care Fader

Care is a Product Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, where she spends her days devouring restaurant tech & market insights, and finding ways to get customers engaged with TouchBistro’s tools for restaurant success. An avid traveller, Care has eaten her way through some of the best food cities across the globe.

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