What is a Hybrid POS?


You may have heard mobile POS systems described as ‘hybrids’, but you’re not exactly sure what that means, or how it will affect your restaurant. Be befuddled no longer and let us explain!


What It Is

A hybrid point of sale is made up of two elements: The first is a hardwired, local connection (within the restaurant) on which the system operates. And the second element is access to data through the cloud.


What Does This Mean for My Restaurant?

Having your system operate on a local connection means it doesn’t need the Internet to run. Which means that all hell won’t break loose if your restaurant’s Internet stops working.


Imagine the potential nightmare that could happen if your POS relied on connecting to the Internet in order for orders to get to the bar or kitchen, and guests to check out. If your Internet went down, your restaurant would be in a state of chaos!


With the hybrid’s reliable local connection, your restaurant won’t be put in this predicament. In addition to the reliability of a local connection, the flexibility of the cloud offers you access to your data when you need it, no matter where you are: Check your daily sales while on vacation in the South of France, or run a shift report from your home office.


Why a Hybrid POS is Better

A hybrid system lets you have your cake and eat it too. You get the assurance that your restaurant will run smoothly and securely no matter what, and the convenience of having your data at your fingertips so you can remotely manage your business from any device, at any time through the cloud.


Who Needs It

If you want to feel fully confident that your POS won’t conk out in the middle of service because the Internet went down, and you also want the flexibility to access your data and reports if you’re out and about, then a hybrid solution is for you.



Interested in the best hybrid POS on the market?

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