Top Innovations in Beer Packaging Design

November 8, 2016 Andrea Victory


The beer industry is constantly innovating: creative flavors, exceptional design, and unique branding come to mind, and when it comes to beer packaging, it seems like labels get all the love. But, that can or bottle containing your favorite beverage might be a little more special than you think.


Beer is normally packaged for consumers in a straight up, basic can or a glass bottle. And there are good reasons for this – our bubbly beer beverages need to be kept fresh, transported safely, and get to us the way the brewer intended.


It seems simple, these two classics – cans and glass – contain our brews pretty perfectly. However, innovation and trends can’t help make their way past flavors, labels and branding and get to the heart of what holds it. Here’s what’s new in the world of cans, and the old school trend that’s back in glass.


Do the Can Can!

The can has seen consistent improvements since it’s inception as a beverage container in the 1930s. It’s gotten slimmer and more lightweight, and welcomed the push tab. We love cans for their convenience, and how quick they get cold. Portable, durable, and recyclable, can-ovation has gone right to the top!


Crown’s 360 End is all about the experience of the beer inside. The “lid” of the can is removed so it opens more like a cup, allowing the flavors to be more fully enjoyed without the need for a glass. A sweet solution for events where cans of beer are often poured into nondescript plastic cups separating the beer from it’s branding. This top-free can also saves a disposable cup from being wasted.


XO Resealable can is as simple as it sounds: Open it, take a sip or two, and then close it up again to keep the beer fresh and carbonated.


Crown’s Global Vent offers a better flow of beer with it’s dual puncture. Once the can is opened, the tab turns to 2 o’clock and is used to puncture a smaller second hole. This helps to let air in one side as it’s being poured, and facilitates a smoother taste and texture. Slurp!


SuperEnd Beverage ends are more for the brewer’s benefit than something that will be noticed by customers, but important nonetheless. Stronger, and more buckle resistant, yet made with less metal, it also offers a lip area that can be printed on – getting those marketing messages up close and personal.


Message in a Bottle

There’s a reason most beer in bottles come in amber or green glass: protection! Tinted glass helps reduce the amount of UV light that gets through so the product gets to you fresh and delicious. Recently, we’ve seen two types of amber glass gain popularity. Hint: bigger is better.


Bigger bottles are back. You may have noticed the increase in popularity of 22oz bottles that are often used for special edition and seasonal beer. They are sold straight out of the brewery as singles or as part of mix and match four packs. Meant to be shared, we won’t judge if you polish one off on your own.


Growlers. Even bigger than the 22oz bottles above are these 64oz glass jugs with a handle and screw top. Growlers were all but forgotten until recently when craft brewers brought them back into the forefront to give customers the opportunity to take home a large supply of their favorite beer, without committing to a keg. If opened and not finished, the cap can be put back on and enjoyed the next day. And when it’s all done – just bring it back to the brewery for a refill!


Cheers to better – and bigger – beer!




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Andrea Victory

Andrea was a Content Marketing Specialist and Editor at TouchBistro where she wrote about restaurant and dining trends, restaurant management, and food culture. A self-affirmed food geek, Andrea devours cookbooks and food blogs. She also knows how to make a killer kale salad.

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