How Your POS Can Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions


It’s the new year: time to make a bunch of promises and then slowly let them go one by one. But this year it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s all about making SMART goals.


“SMART” stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, and Time-bound. Which means that every goal you have for yourself should be specific and clearly defined, have a system in place to measure progress, be actually possible, relate to your life and other goals, and have a set date of achievement.


These same rules apply to resolutions you have for your restaurant. Resolve to do everything better this time and don’t let this year fly by without hitting your goals.


Here are the most popular resolutions, and how your POS can help you achieve them.


1. “This year, I’m going to finally lose some weight.”

It’s time to cut the fat. No more talking about heading to the gym early and then sleeping in until the last moment. Same goes for your menu. Get rid of the excess that’s weighing down you, your kitchen, and your walk-in fridge. Run a sales report to find out which items are your worst sellers and consider nixing them. A smaller menu isn’t a bad thing – it’s a modern approach to embrace.


2. “2018 is all about improving my relationships.”

Be a better person this year by being more attentive to those around you. How are your supplier relations doing? With inventory lists in your point of sale that can be reported on by quantity, you can spot what you’re low on before it’s too late and reduce last minute calls to suppliers. Turn strained relationships into fulfilling partnerships.


3. “I need to get more sleep.”

There’s a never-ending list of things that can keep one awake at night. And the best way to get past them is to deal with them or decide to stop worrying about them. You can stop fixating on what’s happening at your restaurant when you’re not there, by setting very specific staff permissions within your POS (such as limiting select employees to approving voids). Sleep like a baby when you’re calm and confident that your managers and servers have only the permissions they need to get their jobs done – and nothing else.


4. “I want to spend more time with family and friends.”

As a busy restaurateur, quality time with family and friends often takes a backseat to the endless list of tasks the restaurant requires. Automate all that paperwork and accounting with a smart POS that tracks all of the details of your business and then lets you clearly see the data with customizable reports. It’s high time you spent less time with manual accounting and more time with your loved ones.


5. “I’m going to travel more this year.”

Vacations are possible! You really can spend more time away from your business and more time “testing” piña coladas on the beach, or checking out the best taco stands south of the border. A POS with cloud reporting gives you the ability to see your reports and business insights on a smartphone, tablet, or computer – wherever you are. This means you can spend more time on the go, so you can check in on your restaurant while you check into your hotel. Bon voyage!


6. “I need to relax, I’m going to focus on being less stressed from now on.”

So many things to do, such little time. Which adds up to a lot more stress than necessary. Learning to relax is less about concentration and willpower, and more about reducing the frustrating situations that are the root cause. An easy to use POS can take the load off. Instead of trying to operate a complex piece of technology that just won’t give, your point of sale should be easy and intuitive to use, which means it’s quick to train staff on, and incredibly easy to manage.


7. “I’m going to get out of debt.”

The best way to get out of debt is to make more money. Use your point of sale to plump up your bottom line this year. Switch on forced modifiers to upsell every order, turn tables faster with tableside ordering and payment, and move lines quicker with a streamlined system. Say bye bye to a negative balance, and hello to being in the black.


8. “This year, I’ll be more positive.”

Feeling like a bad boss? Worried that your staff retention is low because your hard working employees don’t feel valued? Share the love through your point of sale. Use the messaging feature within your POS to create a positive environment for staff. A simple note like, “Great shift Mandy, you were a rockstar today!” can do wonders for morale, company culture, and the cost of a constant revolving door.


9. “This is the year I finally get organized.”

Admit it, the back office is starting to look like a tornado whipped through it. Paper, paper everywhere! Finally get your mess under control. And why not go a step further and stop filling up the recycle bin altogether. With all of your sales data, reporting, and inventory in one place – safe and secure inside your POS – you can reduce back room clutter. The digital days are here to rescue you from disarray.


10. “This year is the year I fall in love!”

To make room for a new and loving relationship means it might be time to do the hard thing and break up with your old system. Ask yourself if your POS is really the one for you, or if you’re the one carrying the whole relationship. Remember, this is a partnership, and you deserve to fall in love with your point of sale. Your POS company should have your back through thick and thin and provide the support your business truly desires.


New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be a drag. It’s all about making the right ones and setting yourself – and your restaurant – up for success. A POS that supports your pursuits at positive change is the best investment you can make this year!


TouchBistro can help you hit your 2018 goals.

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