How to Make Your Food Truck Stand Out


Without customers, your food truck may as well roll up to the nearest junk yard. So it’s important that your food truck attract customer’s attention and pique their interest in order to get them up to the window. You can do this by being unique and distinctive so you stand out from the crowd.


First of all, if you haven’t already wrapped, painted, or branded your vehicle, the best way to stand out is to go your own way. If all of the trucks in your area are visually maxed out with bright colors, loud fonts, and a go big or go home theme, do the opposite and go minimal with soft colors and a more simplistic look. Or, if all of the trucks are rustic and homespun, go upscale with a city slicker vibe. The less you look like everyone else, the more you’ll stand out in the sea of visual distraction.


Once your truck is wrapped and ready and you’re looking for other ways to command customer attention, try the following suggestions.


Pimp Out Your Rig

Though your name and brand may be splashed all over your truck and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of room left, there’s still space! Add one or all of these extras to extend your brand message.

  • License plate: Why bother with a standard state plate when you can say what you stand for like, LUV TACOS, or a shortened version of your truck’s name? Use this space to reinforce your brand. It won’t go unnoticed.

  • Slick rims: Custom rims can step your truck’s look up a notch. Whether painted to match, spray-painted with art, or super shiny and slick, this detail can go the extra mile to really pimp out your wheels.

  • Neon sign: It may seem like overkill in the bright light of day, but once the sun sets on city streets and festivals, a fluorescent sign on the side of your truck indicating exactly what you’re hawking will light up the night – and customer’s appetites.

  • Hashtags and social accounts: Remember that your truck gets noticed in traffic too. Make sure that any social media addresses and hashtags you use are branded on the back of your rig, so passengers in cars and strolling pedestrians can quickly follow you online.


Package Your Food in Unique Vessels

People love clever and unique experiences, and that can extend from your crazy take on ice cream cones to the spoons that you dish out with each one. Never underestimate the “where did you get that!?” factor when it comes to the novelty of packaging. Customers are equally entertained by something that is wacky and fun as they are something intuitively designed.

  • Practical packaging: Standing out isn’t always about visuals. In a field of forks and paper plates, offering one-handed edibles can make your truck the clear winner, especially if seating is lacking. Think about where and how people will be enjoying your food and design something to make enjoying their meal easier.

  • Photogenic packaging: Customers will line up to get their paws on something that is begging to be photographed and shared. If your packaging is Instagrammable or has an element of fun it’ll garner more attention than your competitors with their boring containers and plain cutlery.


Look for Opportunities Outside Your Truck

There’s a whole world outside of your vehicle – so use it! That empty space to the left of your truck might be the perfect spot for a fold up table. Of course you’ll want to keep in mind legalities and regulations for setting up anything outside of your space, but once you start looking at the areas differently, you’ll spot more ways to make your mark.

  • Branded seating area: Stow away tables and chairs that pack up neatly when you’re on the road can help you stand out. But don’t just plop down any old furniture, brand it and make it obvious that it’s an extension of your food truck.

  • Branded umbrella: Throwing shade isn’t always bad – especially if you’re the only one in a hot, sunny field with a space to cool down. Open up one or a couple of customized umbrellas with your name and images of your fare so that refuge can be spotted and your eats can be advertised from yards away.

  • A literal red carpet: Hired for a corporate event? Make guests feel they are getting the royal treatment with a real red carpet rolled out just for them. The extra effort will show that you really care and make any competition look lackluster.


The best part about food trucks is that the whole experience is meant to be fun. Take heart in that and whenever and wherever possible take the opportunity to brand yourself! Because the key to your success as a food trucker is to stand out loud, clear, and cleverly.


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