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January 10, 2017 Andrea Victory


Joe Broadway’s is a busy sports bar and billiard hall on Staten Island, NY. With plenty of room for parties and large groups, Joe’s is the local place to go for great wings, burgers, and pub food.



With a limited number of taps available, it was a guessing game and matter of counting kegs to try and figure out which beers were popular versus which ones were poor sellers.



Owner Joe Polimeni uses TouchBistro’s detailed sales reporting to understand what beer drafts are doing well and which ones are not.



Polimeni’s draft selection is always pouring high performers. He’s maximized his limited taps to provide a selection of winners and no longer loses money from having poor-selling draft going to waste in the kegs.



With TouchBistro I can run reports on my draft beers. We only have so many taps, so it’s great that TouchBistro helps us identify the poor sellers, so that we can swap them out for a better-selling beer.”

–Joe Polimeni, Joe Broadway’s, Staten Island NY




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