Eleven Restaurant Splits Checks with Ease

January 10, 2017 Andrea Victory


Eleven is a full service restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. Run by husband and wife team, Kevin and Andi Broadie, the flavorful menu features local produce, meats, and wines from Oregon, with sweet and spicy flavors of the Basque region.



Customers asking for separate checks was causing major headaches for staff, and putting a dent in the speed of service.



Introduce TouchBistro and it’s quick and easy-to-use bill splitting feature. Menu items can be split between seats, or shared within a small group.



When a table asks for split checks, servers do it easily and quickly on the iPad POS. Guests are happy that their checks are correct and easy to pay. Smiles all around!



“Life is just easier with TouchBistro. We no longer suffer through bill splitting or table sharing as it’s so simple on the system. Our team can concentrate on providing the best possible experience to the guest.”

–Kevin Broadie, Eleven, Ashland, OR


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Andrea is a Content Marketing Specialist and Editor at TouchBistro where she writes about restaurant and dining trends, restaurant management, and food culture. A self-affirmed food geek, Andrea devours cookbooks and food blogs. She also knows how to make a killer kale salad.

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