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January 10, 2017 Andrea Victory


Don Fernando’s is a laid back Peruvian restaurant in Newburgh, New York, serving up delicious food “cooked from the heart everyday, as if we were getting ready for a family feast”. Dine-in and catering keeps this place alive and buzzing.



Creating handwritten catering estimates was time-consuming and inefficient. Out with the old and in with a new way of doing things was necessary for both management and customers.



Put the pens down and bring in a modern POS that offered flexibility to whip up estimates quickly.



Customers can now request a quote and management can create it right there with them, with the choice to print it off or save it in the POS until the customer confirms. Process, streamlined!


“If customers want an estimate for catering, we can simply print it for them. No more sitting and writing on a special receipt and keeping the estimate in a folder. Now, we just keep a bar tab open for two weeks with their name on it, and if they decide to order we place it. If not, we delete it. We can do an estimate in 5 minutes instead of 30!”

–Mayra Garcia de Monell, Don Fernando, Newburgh, NY


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