A Modern Menu at Haruku Delights Guests

January 10, 2017 Andrea Victory


Haruko is a casual dining restaurant in Miami, Florida and features a thirty foot sushi bar, serving a fusion of Japanese and South American cuisines.



With a creative menu of unique fusion creations, customers were without a reference point for each dish, and unsure of what they were ordering.



A visual menu was required! Enter TouchBistro, which could be brought tableside so guests could see full-screen photos of every menu item before ordering.



The visual menu worked! Customers are confident ordering new dishes, and choose items that may not have caught their eye before. The guests are satisfied and so is Haruku.



"TouchBistro has many features that regular POS systems don't. The picture integration has helped a lot with selling dishes."

–Luis Pineda, Haruko Japanese Fusion, Miami, FL



About the Author

Andrea Victory

Andrea is a Content Marketing Specialist and Editor at TouchBistro where she writes about restaurant and dining trends, restaurant management, and food culture. A self-affirmed food geek, Andrea devours cookbooks and food blogs. She also knows how to make a killer kale salad.

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