Glacier Brewing Co. Streamlined Payment

January 10, 2017 Andrea Victory


Glacier Brewing Company is a brewhouse and tap room in Polson, Montana that creates seven unique handcrafted beers, as well as homemade sodas.



Glacier Brewing’s point of sale was a cobbled together system, made up of: a single credit card terminal, an off-the-shelf cash register, and a bookkeeping and inventory program on a computer in the back office. Transactions were cumbersome and time consuming –  and the system wasn’t working.



Brewery manager David Ayers, decided TouchBistro iPad POS was the perfect solution to replace all of the independent pieces of equipment and to simplify transactions.



Transactions occur in one smooth, seamless app, and transaction times have shrunk to seconds. Customers are satisfied and employees are much happier.


"One of our long-time employees actually shrieked with delight when she saw how fast and easy the process now was with TouchBistro."

–David Ayers, Glacier Brewing Company, Polson, MT


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