7 Reasons to Consider an iPad POS for your Food Truck



You're food truck is the hub of your business and makes your customers happy. But do you have everything you need? If you're tight on space, need to get through line-ups, and need better business insights, here are 7 reasons to consider an iPad POS for your food truck.




1. Space

To say that food trucks are tight on space is an understatement. Fitting everything from cooking equipment to the cooks themselves into the food truck can be a struggle and the last thing you need taking up space is a bulky POS system or clunky cash register.

When every square inch counts, using a compact iPad to process orders and take payment can free up prime counter real estate.



2. Ease of Use

With the fast-paced and literally ‘on-the-go’ culture of the food truck business, you don’t have time to worry about mastering a complex POS system or manually writing orders with a paper and pen.

Consider using an iPad point of sale that leverages intuitive iOS gestures like swiping and tapping- making it an easy system to use, train, and manage. Pair an intuitive user-experience with built-in features like easy menu management and inventory tracking, and an iPad POS can make running your food truck a whole lot easier.



3. Easy Accounting

When the dreaded tax time rolls around, you don’t want to be left sifting through countless receipts or sorting through disorganized files.

When you process customer orders through an iPad POS, it’s easy to keep track of sales, food costs, and labor expenses. All your data is stored centrally on the iPad and backed up to the cloud, so doing your taxes is as simple as pulling a report and sending it to your accountant, or uploading it to online accounting software like Quickbooks.



4. Line Busting

A long line at your food truck is a good problem to have, but you don’t want to frustrate customers with lengthy wait times.

With an iPad POS you can break free from the truck to power through a lineup, taking orders and payments wirelessly. Once a customer reaches the front, all that’s left for them to do is grab their meal and go!



5. Fast, Local Connection

When you’re cruising around town, relying on an Internet connection to transact customers can be risky. With the constant possibility of a service outage or dicey connection, considering a more secure and reliable option is key.

Certain iPad point of sales, like TouchBistro, operate using a speedy, local wi-fi connection that doesn’t require an Internet connection to place orders through the iPad. By using 4G/LTE cellular routers to create a secure connection, you won’t be vulnerable to down times. Be cautious of entirely cloud-based POS systems; if your Internet goes down, the POS is nearly useless because it relies on an Internet connection to place and process orders.  



6. Detailed Reporting                                          

Making business decisions based on gut and intuition is the reality of any business owner, but also considering metrics and restaurant data will help you to run your food truck like a pro.

With an iPad POS you can gain real-time insights through the reporting functions and easily cut your food truck data by month, week, day, or even down to the hour. You can dig into the reports to determine the most successful menu items, common modifiers, and the best time of day for food truck sales, then turn these insights into informed business decisions.  

Two important metrics to consider when thinking about your food truck’s profitability are labor to sales ratios and cost to sales ratios. Industry Standards suggest that your labor expenses should be between 25-35% of total sales and food costs should sit between 28-32% of your total food sales. Some iPad POS solutions will even offer a Snapshot Report so that you can see these important ratios at a glance and make intelligent business decisions on the fly.



7. Cost

There are enough big expenses that come with starting a food truck business- investing in a costly POS system shouldn’t be one of them.

Typically, iPad POS solutions are a fraction of the cost of traditional point of sale systems. They often offer month to month licensing agreements, instead of locking you into a contract for years at a time. Going the iPad POS route will allow you to invest your money into growing your business, perfecting recipes, and getting the word out through marketing initiatives, instead of dumping money into costly POS software and hardware.


About the Author

Dana Krook

Dana is the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, sharing tips for and stories of restaurateurs turning their passion into success. She loves homemade hot sauce, deep fried pickles and finding excuses to consume real maple syrup.

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