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Any restaurant owner could vouch for the aches and pains that come with scheduling employees. While we do have a great list of tips to aid in the uphill battle that is scheduling, in today’s restaurant industry, scheduling technology has become the gold standard for achieving that seamless scheduling process you’ve been dreaming of. Enter 7Shifts; a leading restaurant scheduling software, ready and able to make all of your scheduling dreams come true.  


We sat down with 7Shifts CEO and scheduling guru, Jordan Boesch, to learn a thing or two about employee scheduling. Check out our interview below.


TouchBistro: From the time it takes to get an order to the kitchen, to the table, restaurant’s are all about efficiency. How does 7Shifts bring that same level of efficiency to the scheduling process?


7Shifts: Our main goal is to streamline the restaurant employee scheduling process, so efficiency is a huge part of that. The time-saving aspect of 7Shifts alone is a huge win in terms of efficiency. We’ve had some restaurant managers report that thanks to our scheduling technology, 80% of the time they were previously spending on scheduling has been saved.


TB: 80%!? Wow. How is that possible?


7S: We did some extensive research to find out how long it would typically take a manager to build a working schedule, which worked out to at least three hours a week. And that’s just the first stab at it! So imagine going from a painstaking three-plus hour process, to suddenly being able to build a schedule with just a few clicks. That’s tangible time saved a manager can use to dig into other important insights to create more revenue for their business.


Restaurant’s who have integrated 7Shifts with a smart POS system can get even more out of the technology. 7Shifts will help them plan what they’re going to do for labour, while the work labour will live in their POS. So if Joe’s restaurant planned for “X” amount of labor in 7Shifts, their POS can tell them if they exceeded that.


TB: That must have a huge impact on restaurant culture for employees as well.


7S: 100%...Especially with the collaboration 7Shifts allows for. It’s not only management our software is pleasing, every employee will be able to benefit from it. If your restaurant is still drowning in sea a sticky note time-off requests, imagine your employee’s faces if they were suddenly able to submit a time-off request by just pressing a button on their phone. That flexibility and convenience does wonders for employee satisfaction, and definitely won’t hurt your retention rates.


TB: It seems like the instant access to schedules, that can essentially be updated from anywhere, would help eliminate some of that top-down, manager vs. employee tension.


7S: Exactly! Scheduling doesn’t have to be this tense request, pending approval process, that it’s come to be in a lot of restaurants today. We wanted to make it a more cohesive process, one where you have employees and management working together to co-create a schedule that everyone’s happy with. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve helped restaurants reach a new level of cohesiveness.


TB: Now that we’ve got a pretty good grasp on the here and now - what’s your vision for the future of scheduling? Paint us a picture!


7S: I think the ranking system we see today with companies like Uber and Airbnb will become the norm for scheduling and people will be very much accustomed to it. A lot of scheduling tools today have performance reviews, but they’re limited to qualitative peer-to-peer reviews. There’s still a performance component missing. The ranking system will fill that gap by ultimately providing restaurateurs with the insights they need in order to confidently say whether an employee is a benefit to their business, from a profitability standpoint.


So, is Rob always unavailable last minute? Is he constantly trading shifts? Or is he good; picking up shifts, making himself available for busy days? Paired with smart POS data, this kind of feature would give management a better picture of who their best performers are and most importantly, why.


That’s a look inside our scheduling crystal ball...not just advanced scheduling and communication, but ultimately providing managers with better tools to be able to truly identify their top performers and reward them for it.


TB: Thank you, Jordan!



To recap, if you’re currently on the hunt for a top-notch scheduling software, or might be down the road, save yourself the headache by making sure it can….

  • Allow for easy online access

  • Schedule employees across locations

  • Provide you with 24/7 support

  • Integrate with a smart POS system


Learn more about TouchBistro and 7Shifts




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