The Real Impact of TouchBistro POS on a Quick Service Restaurant


From menus to staff, and everything in between, running your restaurant can seem like a mountain of decisions. And no matter how big or small, no choice is made without consideration to how it affects everything else. 


Choosing your restaurant POS – the hub of your operations – is a big decision. Your staff will use it, diners will see it, and you’ll run your business from it every day.


When you choose TouchBistro for your restaurant, you’re choosing a system designed specifically for your industry, meant to help you run a better and more successful business. 

From management to servers, see how TouchBistro helps your team do their jobs better. 




1. Restaurant Owners Make Better Business Decisions

Running a quick service restaurant isn’t easy. There’s always something that has to get done. But the right technology can give you valuable time back to focus on the big things. 


TouchBistro’s Kiosk is the secret weapon of QSR owners, and setting it up for your business is easy. Self-Ordering Kiosks can increase the average check size because customers order more items and paid modifiers. Self-server ordering also frees up staff to focus on customer service. 


In addition, restaurant owners get TouchBistro’s reporting and analytics to help with business decisions. When you’ve got so much on the go, you can’t waste time poring over dozens of confusing spreadsheets with no real insights. TouchBistro reports let you pull game-changing insights, such as heat mapping and sales reports, helping you make the most informed decisions for your business.



2. Managers Make Better Labor Choices with Smart Scheduling

“Making schedules is the best part of the job!” said no manager ever. 


With smarter sales reports and scheduling integrations, creating schedules may not be the best part of the job for managers, but it can be a lot easier and more effective.


With TouchBistro’s staff management and scheduling features, such as TouchBistro’s 7shifts Integration, managers stop spending hours holed away in the office trying to craft the perfect schedule, only to do it all over again the following week. 


Staff management and scheduling reports reveal invaluable insights into your top performing staff, labor costs, and overtime trends. Managers can track staff activity, manage different employee profiles, and even get sales reports for each staff member. With information like this, they can strategically place top-selling staff on big nights to maximize profits, or pair newer staff with pros to help them learn.  



3. Cashiers Keep FOH Moving Smoothly

With TouchBistro, cashiers have even more tools to keep the front of house running smoothly and customers coming back. 


With customer relationship management and loyalty software, TouchBistro makes it easy for cashiers to give guests a personalized and memorable experience. Turn customers into regulars with custom SMS messages, loyalty rewards, and personalized promotions.


TouchBistro’s online ordering integration is another tool that lets your cashiers focus on providing the best in-house experience. Orders from third-party apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats go directly into your POS, saving cashiers from punching in orders and letting them focus on guests. 


The payment process is a big part of a positive experience, especially in a fast-paced QSR. If the process ends up messy, that’s what your customer remembers. TouchBistro Payments powered by Chase is a simple integrated payments system that provides a smooth, error-free experience for guests and your staff. 


4. Cooks Save More Money with Better Inventory Management

Nothing makes your chefs happier than when their mouth-watering dishes are in demand – until you run out of supplies mid-service. 


With TouchBistro’s Inventory Management, you can track the cost of each dish, determine which menu items are making a profit (or which are costing too much to make), and improve service with low inventory warnings in your POS. No more delayed messages to customers about 86’d items!


Managing inventory is no easy task. But not keeping up with it can be costly. If you aren’t watching your inventory numbers, you might order too much of ingredients that won’t keep. Keeping track of inventory helps chefs better plan what ingredients to order and when, so they can minimize the waste.


Another important measure to take for less food waste is improved communication between front of house and back of house. Using TouchBistro Kitchen Display System means chefs will see fewer mistakes and voids caused by server or kitchen errors.


And of course, less food waste means less wasted money!


The right technology can make a difference for everyone working at your restaurant. When you invest in TouchBistro, you’re investing in your every position in your business, from the top to the bottom. 


Not convinced yet?  




About the Author

Katie McCann

Katie is a Content Marketing Specialist at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant experiences. If she isn’t enjoying white sangria or sushi (not together), she’s at the gym working off said white sangria or sushi.

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