When Restaurants Go Viral


While we’re excited to see what 2016 has in store by way of hilarious restaurant videos, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane to look at 2015’s best. From brutally honest waiters, to taco bandits and hilarious pranks, these viral sensations from the past 12 months will have you chuckling in no time.



1. Le Petit Chef

Who knew waiting for your meal to arrive at a restaurant could be so fun? Meet SkullMapping’s Le Petit Chef; a 3D mapping project that brings new meaning to dinner and a show.



2. Nude Restaurant Prank

These diners weren’t afraid to bare it all, in order to pull off this hilarious restaurant prank.



3. If Waiters Were Honest

If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind your waiter’s cheery disposition, take a look at this satirical “honest” waiter video.



4. ‘Are you Gonna Eat That’ Song

We all have that one friend who preys off any food you’ve left untouched. Entertainers, Rhett and Link, imitate these pesky “plate vultures”.



5. Frijoles Taco Bandit

See how this taco restaurant transformed a break-in at their venue into a viral success.



6. Imitation Game

Monkey see, monkey do!



7. The Cup Thief

Does accidentally stealing a cup from a restaurant mean jail time? This poor kid sure thinks so! 




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