5 Apps to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

August 28, 2017 Alex Fainblum


We know your restaurant is always hungry for more customers. But satisfying that hunger isn’t as easy as sitting back and waiting for foodies to come running through your door.


If you manage your own restaurant, you know how time consuming it can be to manage your staff, craft quality dishes, and create unforgettable customer experiences. The added necessity of marketing your restaurant can seem daunting amidst managing the core of your restaurant.


Lucky for you, we’ve found five apps that can help market your restaurant without interrupting too much of your personal time.  



What makes a delicious meal even better? Sharing it with a friend. And what’s better than serving a table of one? Serving a group of two or more.


Your restaurant may be missing out on hungry customers simply because they don’t want to eat alone. foodfriends matches foodies with one another based on what they like to eat. Users then meet fellow food lovers at restaurants they love, where they can share all the delicious food with each other.


The app also allows you to share mouthwatering pictures of your restaurant’s dishes and communicate special offers to foodies before they decide where to dine out. Your two for $20 burger promo may be what pushes users to choose your restaurant, so make sure to communicate your specials through the app.


Roaming Hunger

Quit driving around looking for customers in your food truck – let Roaming Hunger bring them to you. Roaming Hunger gives users access to a map of food trucks closest to them. Users can select a time and place in advance, so they know which vendors will be around when they are.




Become a vendor and you’ll get noticed by food truck lovers near you. Roaming Hunger lets you create a profile with pictures of your truck’s dishes and an in-depth description of what your customers can expect if they give your truck a visit.




It’s the bat signal for bartenders! Onthebar connects mixologists with their regulars in real time. Bartenders can let their followers know when and where they’ll be serving their fave drinks.


Signature drinks may taste the same from one bar to the next, but your customers keep coming back for the experience. You want your bartenders sharing their recipes and giving their followers an inside look into your bar scene to make them want to come back for more.  


Make sure your bartenders leave your customers with a memorable experience – on and off the app. The more your bartenders communicate with their followers, the more customers your bar will attract.




Think Tinder but only for foodies – Hidine is the #1 social dining app that can give your restaurant the exposure it needs to attract a larger crowd.


Dinner dates are one of the most common date choices among singles and couples – but choosing where to dine out can get tricky when dates have contradicting taste buds. Lucky for these hungry singles, Hidine forms relationships based on eating preferences.  

The app lets users browse through the best restaurants in their city to choose the perfect place for their first date. So add a menu full of tasty shareables or designate a specific night each week for date night, and your restaurant will be the it spot for all of Hidine’s foodie couples.





Suppr connects its users with other food lovers looking for a place to eat and someone to eat with. The app gives foodies access to personal reviews, ratings, and pictures of restaurants that fit their food preferences – which help them decide where they should dine out.  

Foodies are able to browse through the app to find new restaurants, or they can stick to their favorites by adding them to their “My Wants” list. Make sure your food and service gives your customers something good to write about and you might land on Suppr’s users’ favorites.





Didn’t see that coming? Your competitors won’t either. Adding these apps to your restaurant’s to do list can make marketing your restaurant a fast and simple task. So make sure your customers and staff download one of these apps to get the attention of foodies near you.





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Alex is a Content Marketing Intern at TouchBistro where she writes about food and restaurant dining experiences. She’s a lover of all things chocolate covered but her true passion lies in late-night eating.

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