How to Rock Private Events at Your Restaurant This Summer

June 8, 2017 Caroline Cox


From yummy eats to refreshing drinks, you need to get creative to ensure your customers are enjoying the best of the summer season at your restaurant. So why not consider hosting a private event to take your customer appreciation (and repeat visits) to new heights?


You’re probably thinking...


“I don’t have time to think of ways to mix up my usual offerings per season!”


Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are a few easy (yet creative) ways you can make your summer events a smashing success. 



Offer Menu Options with Seasonal Ingredients

Freshen up your kitchen at least once a quarter to help get your chef’s creative juices flowing. Show guests you’re not afraid to switch things up. Form relationships with local farms, creameries, and other purveyors to get your hands on locally sourced, in-season ingredients. Supporting your local community while experimenting with new dishes – that’s our kind of win-win situation.


Freshen Up with Florals and Plants

People associate summer with lush florals. Not only will adding airy bouquets or greenery to your restaurant’s decor make for an Instagram-worthy visual, but it will also make your space feel more intimate without breaking the bank. Pro tip: Be sure you make someone responsible for watering the plants – unsurprisingly, wilted, dying plants don’t have the same appeal as ones that are alive.


Create an Appealing Outdoor Venue Space

If you’ve got the means to create an outdoor area as part of your event offerings, now’s the time. You’d be surprised how easily a small patio, rooftop, or green space can be transformed into a great place for mingling and cocktails with a few high-top tables, passed apps, and some string lights. Outdoor space is a great option for people looking to escape the crowd inside or get some fresh air while attending an on-site event.



Whip Up Summer-Inspired Drinks

Loosen the reigns (slightly) and let your bartender or beverage director flex their mixology muscles by inviting them to create some specialty cocktails for your summer drink menu. Summer is the best time to mix up your ingredients – think gin, fruit juices, flavored seltzers, and colorful garnishes like dried hibiscus flower or fresh mint. Bonus points if you give them fun names that harken back to the city you’re based in, or better yet, your restaurant’s theme. 



With the help of these tips, your restaurant’s private events program can help make this a summer your customers (and their tastebuds) won’t forget.




About the Author

Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox is the content marketing manager for Gather, an event management software platform. She spends her time crafting blogs, thought leadership pieces, case studies, social media content and more.

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