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So the question becomes, once you have the staff, how do you make them stay? No matter how great your restaurant culture, the two things that will make employees stick around? Pay and and scheduling. Everyone needs to pay the bills and life does exist beyond the pantry. Establishing fair tipping policies and salary standards for all front and back of house staff is paramount to keeping those employees. Since the restaurant industry doesn't follow traditional salary methods or a nine to five workweek, restaurant managers should be extra sensitive to creating fair schedules and payment schemes. DEVELOP STAFF-FAVORING RESTAURANT POLICIES: Restaurant employees greatly appreciate consecutive days off, the occasional weekend and some holidays. In the article, The Quest for Work-Life Balance in a 24/7/365 Industry, it's stated that, "one-third of participants found that being overloaded with work and family responsibilities caused them to lose sleep or dramatically reduced their energy levels. This leads to everything from sick days to slower workers – perpetuating the cycle. Not good for a fast paced line or hands on service. What's more, another study reported that 38 percent of employees have missed life events, like birthdays and anniversaries, because of bad work-life balance." Thus, it's imperative for both productivity and staff happiness that they have adequate time off. DAYS OFF: While tipping is culturally embedded into the hospitality industry in North America, the practice has come under scrutiny recently because it's often paired with wages that are too low to live off of. Some restaurants are exploring the possibility of abolishing tipping all together. While this may or may not be a trend you'd want to adopt, keep in touch with your staff about their compensation. Anonymous surveys are a great way to discern whether your staff's financial needs are being met. 5 5 $ TIPS VS. WAGES: 8

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