Let’s Taco ‘Bout It: Creating a Signature Taco


A hard shell tortilla filled with ground beef and shredded cheese was once a standard in North American kitchens thanks to the help of yellow boxes from Old El Paso. But good news is, the taco scene has spiced up quite a bit since the good ol’ days of DIY taco kits.


These days, tacos of all varieties populate menus everywhere. Tacos have become an artistic expression and restaurants are putting their own spin on these u-shaped wonder foods.


We’ve highlighted three restaurants who are making a splash on the taco scene and provided some tips for creating your own signature taco!



Barrio Coreano, Toronto

Barrio Coreano is a Toronto hot spot that serves Korean fusion tacos. Specials include South Korean Fried Chicken Tacos in Sweet 'n' Sour Kampungki Sauce on Blue Corn Tortillas- we’re big fans. Another favorite is the Smoked Beef Belly Taco with Spicy Mayo, Fried Onions & Korean Pickled Mustard Seed. Clearly, this ain’t Old El Paso night! Barrio Coreano even offers gluten free tortillas, so celiacs can rejoice.



Tacos Quetzalcoatl, Los Angeles

An LA food truck called Tacos Quetzalcoatl is changing up the taco game on LA’s Eastside. Their progressive vegetarian take on Tacos has herbivores migrating from all over. The truck serves creative takes on tacos, like their Omega-2 taco, which features spinach, red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, diced squash, and a layer of fried cheese. Yes, fried cheese. We’d join the herbivore movement to eat fried cheese!



La Hacienda, Tennessee

Fear not, classic Mexican food lovers- real, authentic Mexican tacos are still on the scene. La Hacienda restaurants in Tennessee are serving up classic tacos with sides of rice and beans to eager customers. Favorites include soft corn tacos filled with grilled chicken and topped with onions and cilantro. We love to pile on the homemade guacamole for even more fiesta flavor!


Here are a couple of tacoways (see what we did there?) for creating a signature taco to feature on your menu:


1. Consider Your Menu

If you're a busy sports bar known for your pulled pork, offering a pulled pork soft taco with toppings to your appetizer menu is a great way to introduce a new menu item while staying true to your specialty.


2. Get Creative

If your dinner menu isn't offering room to incorporate tacos, you can try a brunch taco with eggs, or play around with the idea of a dessert taco made with a waffle cone and filled with ice cream.


3. Put Your Unique Flavor on It

If you create your own hot sauce or are known for your tasty coleslaw - make sure it's on your new taco. Embrace what you already do really well!


By observing taco trends, reading up on how other restaurants have created signature tacos, and using the tips above, you can create a unique menu item and give your customers something to taco ‘bout!




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