2017’s Hottest Fall Flavors

October 5, 2017 Jackie Prange


If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to feature pumpkin spice on your menu this fall, we have a suggestion: try something new! Sure, we love a PSL as much as the next person, but we admit, come the end of September, pumpkin spice unfairly gets all the fame, so it’s time to give a little reco to the other flavors this lovely season has to offer.



Sweeten up any recipe with the help of this fall favorite. Although usually coupled with a stack of fluffy pancakes, there’s no limit to the ways you can enjoy this uniquely delicious, North American ingredient. Whether it’s a candied maple-bacon donut, maple cheesecake, or with a maple cinnamon meringue cookie, follow these recipes to make your restaurant a little sweeter this season.



The word “Chai” is associated with the mixing of black tea with Indian spices, resulting in a milky, spicy, and sweet flavor. Blends of chai are a crowd pleaser this time of year, as they pair perfectly with almost every fall dessert, from pumpkin pie, to apple crisp – and even gingerbread. Try some of these spicy, sweet treats at your restaurant; from chai tea cookies, to chai-spiced french toast, here’s a delicious list of recipes that’ll be sure to make your mouth water.


Apple Everything

Whether it’s caramel apples, apples and cinnamon or even roasted sweet potatoes and apples - as the quintessential fall fruit, you can’t go wrong introducing anything apple to your menu this time of year. Check out these sweet and savory recipes to help you ring in apple season.


Butternut Squash

As the MVP of the gourd family, there’s no time like the present to get cooking with everyone’s favorite fall vegetable. From a simple – yet tasty – butternut squash soup, to macaroni and cheese with butternut squash, to butternut squash risotto - there’s an overwhelming amount of delicious ways to enjoy this versatile vegetable. Get even more inspiration here.



Meet the cranberry; one of the most easygoing ingredients to cook with. Whether you’re making sauce for your turkey, or baking them into brownies and scones, it’s hard to find a dish that wouldn’t get along with cranberry. Apart from the beautifully vibrant color they bring to any dish, these little bitter red’s are jam-packed with health benefits too - making them the perfect addition to any fall favorite. Looking for other ways to can enjoy these delicious and nutritious fruits? Look no further.


As you can see, fall doesn’t have to be limited to pumpkin spice - from maple, to chai, to butternut squash - we hope you’ve been inspired to welcome the beauty of these trendy fall flavors to your menu.


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