How TouchBistro Helps an International Multi-Location QSR Thrive in North America


How did TouchBistro help Uncle Tetsu – an international, multi-location quick serve restaurant – make more money, become more efficient, and power up their staff?


The answer is written in the stars. (And in this article.)


Explore the POS features that made this love story possible, including Customer Facing Display, detailed reports, and more.




First Thing’s First: Who Is Uncle Tetsu?

Uncle Tetsu was established in 1990 in Fukuoka, Japan. Since then, the restaurant has expanded to open up venues in the U.S, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Australia, and New Zealand.



Uncle Tetsu is a fast casual restaurant that serves delicious Japanese cheesecakes – approximately 600 to 800 cakes per day!


What Is Japanese Cheesecake?

Japanese cheesecake originated in Hakata, Japan in 1948, but Uncle Tetsu is credited with popularizing the delicious dessert outside of Japan.



Uncle Tetsu and TouchBistro: Making Money Magic

It was 2015, and Uncle Tetsu had just moved to North America. Landed in a new place with no point of sale, Uncle Tetsu was looking for the perfect POS partner and wouldn’t settle for anything less.


So Uncle Tetsu dreamed up their dreamiest match and envisioned someone who could:

  • Give them only the best technology, with no downtime in sight

  • Save them some cash on labor costs

  • Encourage customers to spend more money

  • Make their staff feel like they could fly with minimal training

  • Avoid the heartbreak of voids



The TouchBistro Connection

And lo! That’s when they met TouchBistro. Love at first sight, they passed every test of the heart.


Now, 11 Uncle Tetsu locations use TouchBistro POS with either a Solo, Dual, or Unlimited license (the type varies by location). Uncle Tetsu also takes advantage of TouchBistro’s integrations, which make it easier to run their business: 7shifts for staffing and Intuit for accounting.



TouchBistro Features that Uncle Tetsu Loves


  • Customer Facing Display, for promoting specials and limited time offers

  • Heatmap reports, for streamlining their production schedule and reducing waste

  • Average spend reports, for setting store-specific targets

  • Labor reports, for saving money on labor costs




TouchBistro Helps Uncle Tetsu…


Save More Money


With TouchBistro, Uncle Tetsu saves $120,000/year in production and labor.


Although the industry average for labor costs are 30–35%, Uncle Tetsu’s labor costs are only 20% with TouchBistro and 7shifts.


Make More Money


The average spend per customer went up 53% with TouchBistro.


Become More Efficient


With TouchBistro data and analytics, Uncle Tetsu streamlines their operations, reducing waste by 11% and voids by 60%.



Power Up Staff


Uncle Tetsu also saw a significant reduction in staff training time, going from three to four days to three to four hours with TouchBistro.




Want to fall in love with your POS?





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