2017 Bartender Cocktail Competitions


You make a mean Moscow mule, and your patrons constantly rave about your Cosmo’s, but do you have what it takes to become a world class bartender? If yes, why not put your skills to the test and compete in a bartending competition?


These competitions put the best of bartender’s creativity, speed, flair and accuracy to the test.


MIXLDN Sponsored by Beefeater

MIXLDN, Beefeater’s Global Bartender Competition, is “Cinema” themed – bartenders submit an original drink recipe inspired by a London-related Film.


How to Enter: Participants are required to create an original cocktail using Beefeater Dry or Beefeater 24, alongside a film that celebrates or strongly features London as their inspiration.


The Prize: The winner will be crowned the Beefeater MIXLDN Global Champion and will win a trip to London to create and distill a limited edition run of their own Gin.


Additional Info: In order to be eligible to compete, the participant’s film must adhere to one or more of the following criteria: be set in london, have a significantly London-focused plot line, or include a pivotal scene in London.



USBG Diageo World Class 2017

USBG World Class, sponsored by Diageo, is part of an internationally recognized competition that elevates the bartending craft and builds careers in the industry, culminating in an annual landmark week where the Global Bartender of the Year is announced.


How to enter: 

1) Entrants need to complete education requirements in one of two ways: Attend a Live World Class Studios Seminar or attend an online education session (to be released soon)

2) Complete an online application

3) Submit an original recipe


The Prize: The winner will be crowned the World’s Best Bartender.


Additional Info: The Diageo Reserve World Class is one of the most coveted bartender competition titles in the world, attracting thousands of entries each year.


Diplomatico World Tournament

Enter the Diplomatico World Tournament for the chance to compete alongside some of the best bartenders in the world. A shot at winning a trip to Venezuela, London, and a grand prize of $10,000 doesn’t hurt either!


How to Enter: Competition deadlines and details differ by country and entrants are asked to submit a unique cocktail creation along with a photograph and video introducing themselves and the inspiration behind their cocktail.


The Prize: Semifinalists win a trip to Barquisimeto, Venezuela to visit Diplomatico’s hometown and participate in the Continental Semifinals. The top 13 will advance to the Diplomatico World Tournament in London. The overall winner will receive $10,000, with second place receiving $5,000 and third place $2,500.


Additional Info: The competition is web-based, with entry details differing by country. Visit the link for more details.


Bacardi Legacy

The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is a global search to find a cocktail that can become a true Bacardi classic. With finalists from more than 19 different countries last year, the competition has witnessed innovative creations from talented bartenders from some of the best bars around the world.


How to Enter: To enter the competition, bartenders in the UK are required to submit their Legacy cocktail recipe as well as the inspiration behind it, by email to Bacardi’s UK Ambassador, Metinee Kongsrivilai.


The Prize: One winner from each country will secure a place in the global final, embarking on a five-month campaign to promote their drink, prior to the Berlin competition.


Additional Info: From Bacardi’s “stage one” recruitment seminar, three winners will emerge from the regional heats that follow. After which, they take on the global finals.


Bols Around the World

A competition with it’s sights set on finding the “world’s most visionary bartender”, Bols Around the World is known as one of the toughest bartending competitions out there.


How to Enter: Signing up for the competition requires sharing basic personal information. Participants will have to complete and score top marks during the online challenges to secure a spot in the final week in Amsterdam.


The Prize: The winner of the Bols Around the World finals in Amsterdam will be named the next Bols Genever Pioneer, and will win a bartending trip around the world.



Bombay Sapphire’s World’s Most Imaginative Bartender

Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender is a global bartending competition that celebrates the power of imagination in cocktail making, with an focus on inspiring the endless creativity that is at the heart of great cocktails.


How to Enter: Entrants are required to provide their basic personal and professional information, along with a description and an image of their custom cocktail.


The Prize:  Along with the title of “Most Imaginative Bartender”, the winner will be featured on the cover of GQ magazine, followed by a trip to Tuscany to learn about a selection of the botanicals featured in Bombay Sapphire Gin.



The Wenneker Swizzle Masters

The Wenneker Swizzle Masters is the world’s only virtual cocktail competition, challenging bartenders to create a recipe that can be easily recreated by any bartender, anywhere in the world.


How to Enter: The bartender competition is open to entrants from around the world, who can enter online.

The Prize: The mastermind behind the winning drink of the year is rewarded £1,000.


Additional Info: Bartenders have eight chances to get their cocktail into the semifinals, by winning one of the eight rounds held each month. Each round has a different cocktail theme and base spirit for bartenders to work with, testing their creativity and recipe-making abilities.



Havana Club International Grand Prix

The Havana Club International Grand Prix is an all-rounder global cocktail competition that judges entrants on the taste and creativity of their cocktails, as well as the style and professionalism of the bartender’s serving behaviour. This prestigious competition is sponsored by the International Bartenders Association.

How to Enter: Each country has it’s own qualification event. More information will be provided after the upcoming competition date is announced.  


Prize: While the prize is subject to change, the previous winner was given a trophy, a one-of-a-kind Havana product, and was asked to return to Havana as a judge at the next global competition.


Additional Info: The competition takes place every two years in Havana, Cuba, the cocktail capital of the world.


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